COVID-19 Procedures For Boarding Cats (May 2020)

As a fully licensed Cattery we already have in place procedures for boarding cats which include sneeze guards, rigorous cleaning, disinfection and strict procedures for the handling of cats.

With the current situation and adhering to advise from the relevant authorities we will be following additional procedures when boarding cats. This guidance is subject to change depending on Government advice.

These procedures are in place to provide further protection for cats, their owners and proprietors too, bearing in mind that the principle risk for transmission of coronavirus is from people.

If an owner is showing any signs of COVID-19 infection we will not be able to board their cat.

Admitting and Discharging Cats

All paperwork will be dealt with via email rather than face to face. Booking Forms will be emailed and a copy of the cats Vaccination Record should be scanned and submitted with the completed Booking Form.

All payments, if possible, should be made by Bank Transfer prior to collection. 

No owners will be allowed into the Cattery.

We would ask that just one person brings the cat and this should be at a pre-arranged time. If, for any reason you cannot make the pre-arranged time, then you must contact us to re-arrange. We are putting these arrangements in place to protect us and all of our Customers. We can only have one customer dropping off or collecting at any one time.

The Entrance Gate to the Cattery will remain locked at all times and on arrival Customers should phone us from the car park to tell us they have arrived or alternatively use the doorbell by the Cattery Gate (this will be cleaned after each use).

We will ask you to deposit the cat, in their carrier outside of your car and we will then collect the cat maintaining social distancing from the owner. Cattery staff will be wearing a mask, apron and gloves.

In these exceptional times, no bedding, toys, scratch posts etc can be brought with the cat. We will supply these.

If your cat is on a special or Prescription Diet then their food should be in a separate bag, dry food should be in a plastic container that can be disinfected by us, we will do the same with tins or sachets. 

These procedures will be followed in reverse when collecting the cat.

All of the information seen above can be downloaded here.